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Cremation Service All-In-One Package 火化服务All-In-One配套 从From RM 7,390 起
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Nirvana Promotion 2024

Nirvana Promotion 2024

* 30 Anniversary *
🌳 Golden Harvest Reward (GHR) 💰

赠送果王丰收 (黄金榴莲)奖励

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☑零风险   ☑只送不卖   ☑每年送奖励金,总送三十年

Nirvana Funeral Package

The death of a close one is a stressful and heartbreaking time for any living being, especially for humans because they might make their peace with it after a while, but they will never be able to forget a person and get over them.

Another factor contributing to it is that deaths cannot be planned, so there are many things that are left unsaid, and the event takes place in such a way that you can never be prepared for it.

In such a hard time, it is tough for the near ones to make decisions regarding the last rites of their loved ones, including deciding the way of the funeral, making arrangements for it, and of course, the monetary side.

In such a case, a funeral package is a shelter of relief that frees the nearby ones from all these responsibilities and allows them to have their final time with their loved ones in peace.

Moreover, the Nirvana funeral package also relieves them of the financial burden and crucial and immediate decisions they might have made in urgency if they do not have a Nirvana package.

We offer multiple funeral packages for you to choose from. Each nirvana funeral package has features of its own. You can decide how your last rites should be, what religion, customs and traditions you would want to be followed. The details can also include the places you would wish your last rites to be and any other preferences that you might like to list.

Choosing a nirvana package also gives complete control over your life, especially on the final part. It would be the last impression one leaves on the world, and it really has to speak for the person.

We understand that discussing death is discouraged in our society, and it should be because it spreads hopelessness and pessimism and kills life’s purpose. But it is essential that you pre-plan your death not only because you will control your last rites yourself but also because your close ones would be devastated at that time when they will have to make such decisions for you.

Choosing a nirvana funeral package will also freeze time for you in the sense that you will not have to bear the fluctuation of the currencies and inflation of necessary things for your funeral package as you will make the deal today.

Take control of your life, leave the impression you want and relieve your loved ones of responsibilities in a devastating time. Choose our nirvana package today. 


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Nirvana Centre Kuala Lumpur - Columbarium Niches
富贵生命馆- 骨灰殿
Nirvana Semenyih - Columbarium Niches
富贵山庄 (士毛月) - 骨灰殿
Nirvana Shah Alam - Columbarium Niches
富贵山庄 (莎亚南) - 骨灰殿
Nirvana Klang - Columbarium / Niches
富贵山庄 (巴生) - 骨灰殿

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Funeral Service Package Special Promotion
圆满契约配套 特别促销
Promotion Date from 01-07-2024 to 30-09-2024

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