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Burial Land 墓地
Nirvana Malaysia
Niches 骨灰殿
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MCO Special Condition Promotion

Cremation Service All-In-One Package 火化服务All-In-One配套 从From RM 7,390 起
Burial Service All-In-One Package 土葬服务All-In-One配套 从From RM 9,100 起

24Hours Emergency & Professional Funeral Service.

3 days 2 nights Funeral Bereavement Wake Burial

Christian Funeral 基督教殡仪配套由from RM15,800

Buddhist Funeral 佛教殡仪配套由from RM 20,800

Funeral Home

A funeral home is where you prepare your loved ones for their last rites, and this is your last chance to treat your loved ones right. We are sure that nobody would want to go wrong at this time.

It is the reason we offer professional services at our funeral home, where our experts treat your loved ones with the most care, sensitivity, empathy and respect.

Our professionals will ask you about your preferences and how you want your loved ones to be treated according to their religious choices, customs, traditions, and tastes. Even if you do not have any specific instructions, our funeral service has still got you covered, as our experienced professionals have been doing this for years and have specialized questionnaires prepared for such situations.

These questionnaires consist of the most relevant, direct and targeted but empathetic questions regarding your loved ones that will help us assess what they would want their last rites to be like.

If that does not work, we have sets of funerals that can fit everyone, and we can facilitate you to pick one from them for your loved ones, but we will make sure that they get the last ceremony they deserve.

Moreover, we will also arrange a private and intimate chapel for you to have quality time with your loved ones after we have prepared them for their final journey so that you can get a chance to say your heart out for the last time, say your prayers and bid them farewell respectfully.

Our funeral home also looks after the arrangements of the kl funeral service and after rites so that you can cherish the memories and celebrate the life of your loved ones without any hassle and in the most relaxing manner.


* 30 Anniversary *
🌳 Golden Harvest Reward (GHR) 💰

赠送果王丰收 (黄金榴莲)奖励

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harvest durian nirvana
Pre Planning with Nirvana Life Plan
Funeral Service Package
We provide professional one-stop funeral services. Include Buddism, Taoism, Christian, Catholic
As Need For Emergency Price Our Funeral Lowest From (RM14,800 or RM18,000) + Cheapest Single Niche From Only RM2,900*

作为紧急价格的需要我们的葬礼从最低价 (RM14,800 或 RM18,000) + 最便宜单一利基仅售RM2,900 *

🚨 Annoucement – Last Chance
FSP NV Elegant, NV Honour, NV Gracious, NV Harmony price increase up to RM1,000 date effective on 1 September 2020.
圆满契约配套 – 富贵安详,富贵如意, 富贵圣恩, 富贵永康 价格即将会在九月一日有效上涨 RM 1,000

Nirvana Life Plan (Funeral Service Package)
NV ELEGANT 富贵安详 (升级版)

Buddhist/Taoist Funeral Service Package

  • 24-hour careline 提供24小时礼仪咨询
  • Reporting Death and obtaining burial clearance/permit 申报死亡,领取死亡与下葬证书
  • Use of canopy or standard parlour 在丧府使用特色大棚或富贵标准追思礼堂设灵
  • Casket 寿墓 Urn骨灰瓮
  • Cremation or burial 使用火化场或土葬仪式
  • Offering (Fruits and vegetarian) 三天两夜的水果与素食祭品
  • Longevity costume 入殓用品 Mourning garment 孝服
  • Professional handcrafted paper model with decorative lights 精工制作纸扎(1套)
  • Joss sticks and prayer materials 元宝蜡烛(1套)
  • Confectionery gift 糖果礼品
  • Use of hearse 灵车
  • **2 Night Buddhist/Taoist prayer service 2晚诵经打斋9佛教/道教)
  • **Light refreshment 备办轻便糕点咖啡茶
  • **Professional music band 专业音乐队(1组)
  • **Limousine 礼车(单程使用)
  • **40 seater Aircond Bus 40人座送殡冷气巴士(双程使用)
  • **Limited to 只限NV Honour / NV Elegant only

Christian/Catholic/Soka Gakkai Funeral Service Package

  • 24-hour careline 提供24小时礼仪咨询
  • Reporting Death and obtaining burial clearance/permit 申报死亡,领取死亡与下葬证书
  • Use of canopy or standard parlour 在丧府使用特色大棚或富贵标准追思礼堂设灵
  • Casket寿墓 Urn 骨灰瓮
  • Candles, Cross 蜡烛,十字架
  • Casket & Table top Floral Decoration 棺顶和灵桌花饰
  • Cremation or burial 使用火化场或土葬仪式
  • Use of PA system 使用音响系统
  • Use of Electronic Keyboard 使用电子琴键
  • Use 哦发 Hearse 灵车
  • **Floral Ornament 花团锦簇
  • **Use of Hymm books 使用圣诗手册
  • **Light refreshment 备办轻便糕点咖啡茶
  • **Limousine 礼车1辆(单程使用)
  • **40 seater Aircond Bus 40人座送殡冷气巴士1辆(双程使用)
  • **Limited to 只限NV Gracious
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Promotions & Events
Promotion Date Till
- 30/06/2024 -

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What is pre-planning? 什么是事前规划?

By planning the funeral in advance, everything can be done properly when things happen. This will alleviate the sadness and pressure that the family experienced at that time. Your family don’t have to worry about any critical decisions they have to deal with.


Benefits of Pre-planning 事前规划的好处

  • Special price for pre-planning
  • 0% interest installment payment
  • Reduce disputes with relatives (including religious rituals, spiritual choices, funding, etc.)
  • Leave love to next generation, but not debts
  • Reduce the burden on children
  • Prevent future inflation
  • You can choose your favorite ritual or service according to your wishes
  • 事前规划有特惠价
  • 0%利息分期付款
  • 减少与亲人纷争(包括宗教仪式,灵位选择,经费等等)
  • 留给下一代是爱,而不是债
  • 减少孩子的负担
  • 抗通货膨胀
  • 可以根据自己的意愿,选择自己喜欢的仪式或服务

Why must do pre-planning? 为什么要做事前规划?

We all know the importance of being prepared for the rain.

  • In order to fight the sudden onset of the disease, we are ready for medical insurance.
  • In order to have enough pension in the future, we are ready to the saving plan.
  • In order to avoid any disputes in the future, we made a will.
  • It allows you to decide on your desired service, based on your own preferred rites and rituals.

What about the last party of our life? 


  • 为了对抗疾病突然来袭,我们准备好了医药保险。
  • 为了以后有足够的退休金,我们准备好储蓄计划。
  • 为了避免以后有任何纷争,我们做好了遗嘱。


Contact us to know more detail! 

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