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Double Niches From RM 6,800
双人骨灰位 RM6,800起
Luxury Columbarium
As you enter the large hall, intricate and beautiful designs embrace you, giving you a surreal experience of the actual Brahma Palace. With luxurious interior facilities and equipped with air-conditioning, provide soothing the living while creating a peaceful resting place for the deceased.

Ming Palace 明宫(Niche骨灰殿)
Ming Palace 明宫(Niche骨灰殿)1
Ming Palace 明宫(Niche骨灰殿)2
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Modern Columbarium

Strategically located in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur, Nirvana Centre KL is a private niches, five-star, spiritually invigorating retreat that nourishes your soul and calms your mind.


Niche 骨灰殿2
Niche 骨灰殿
Niche 骨灰殿1
Niche 骨灰殿3
Niche 骨灰殿4
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Christian Columbarium

Five petal-like shape forms the core of this niches, surrounding an ever-flowing fountain. A garden –like concept adds an air of peacefulness with an ambience of serenity and purity.


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Ancient Chinese Architecture Columbarium

A signature masterpiece by Nirvana Memorial Garden as manifested in the multi-million ringgit, known as Oriental Villa. Be thrilled by the extravagance of the niches which houses the golden compartments for placing the urns of the departed.


如来殿 Oriental Villa
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Choosing the right columbarium is as crucial as selecting the right services for the funeral as a funeral defines the last ceremony, which lasts a few hours, but a columbarium represents the final place where your loved ones will remain forever.

We have a number of options available to offer you as a columbarium ranging from classic and traditional to ultra-modern and executive. All the options that we offer have a different feel, vibe and energy of their own, but one thing that you will find to be common in every columbarium is that they have their fair share of attention to detail and all have a relaxing, soothing and peaceful energy.

You can choose from our options in respect to whatever religion, faith and culture you follow and based upon your personal preferences depending upon your taste.

All the columbarium options are equipped with the facilities one would want, including central cooling and heating systems, lifts, security and cleanliness. All of them are regularly maintained and are looked after using a fool-proof security system, only allowing access to those who have the security card. The cardholders are essentially those who have their loved ones in our columbarium. 

Luxury Columbarium:

Our pick for our luxury columbarium is the Ming palace, which is built upon the design inspired by the Brahma palace. It has an authentic feel of luxury to it with the intricate design of the sculptures present inside it.

What truly adds to its luxurious feel is the warm and welcoming setup of the columbarium, which welcomes the visitors with open arms just like their loved ones would have when they had visited them. 

Modern Columbarium:

The modern columbarium is a masterpiece of art on its own, with the right number of artistic pieces and designs present inside of it.

It has a refreshing and optimistic feel, which makes the visitors feel light and relaxed when they leave the columbarium after a visit, just like they would have felt after meeting their loved ones.  

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