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One-stop Nirvana Funeral Service

24/7 Dedicated & Professional Funeral Service
We provide one-stop funeral services. Everyone has the right to choose the final journey of life in a dignified,serene atmosphere. We advise, arrange and supervise funeral arrangements, covering all aspects with staff support. We dedicate our diligence right from the beginning through to the funeral day, and any further help required thereafter.


What Do We Do?

Searching for funeral service near me? Malaysia Nirvana provides funeral service in Malaysia, which is aimed at achieving nirvana.

Nirvana is a state in Buddhism in which there is no sense of self, suffering or desire, and the soul is freed from any burdens of karma, deaths and rebirths. Nirvana funeral service makes your loved ones free of any worldly burdens and makes them feather-light when they head towards their eternal abode. 

To achieve this, we have to go through a number of arrangements for our KL funeral service, which consists of a detailed process. 

Nirvana Funeral Malaysia – Our Process

Our process begins with our Buddhist funeral service director meeting you and having a discussion about the deceased in order to know their personality and preferences better to devise a tailored plan for their final farewell.

The discussion includes asking you questions about the deceased most sensitively and sensibly. We might ask you about their life, dreams and goals.

If you feel confused in any state, our KL funeral service director will run you through our standard procedure for funeral service, which will consist of the traditional steps we take. These steps will help you understand our services better, and you will be in a better position to make an informed decision.

Our experts will then quickly analyze the data provided by you both regarding you and the deceased preferences and make a custom plan for their funeral. We cover rituals of funeral in Christianity as well. 

Nirvana Funeral Service Malaysia – How we Execute:

Once we have prepared the plan for the nirvana funeral service, our KL funeral service director runs the plan by you so that you can approve that everything is being put in place as per your wishes.

After that, we prepare your loved ones for their last rites as per the customs and traditions defined by you. We have dedicated professionals for this part who execute this part with the utmost care, precision and professionalism.

Simultaneously, we prepare your desired location for the last rites, with an agreed-upon decor, seating arrangement and other factors as per your and your loved ones’ preferences.

As you arrive at the venue, our escort team escorts the family to their place without going through any awkward or unpleasant interactions. We understand that this time is hard for everyone, and anything can be triggering.

We also arrange a private chapel on request where the close ones can have intimate moments with the deceased without any interruptions. We make sure that everybody who is close can get this facility, but we also make sure that it does not get out of hand and happens systematically.

After that, we proceed towards the last rites as per your religion, customs, traditions or preference. We offer our funeral service to all faiths with due consideration to their norms and practices including chinese funeral malaysia.

Don’t worry about crematorium service near me. We also provide funeral, burial, or cemetery services with the same dedication, perfection, and attention to detail. 

Nirvana – The complete funeral parlour near me

In addition to our Nirvana funeral service, we also offer services for the days after the funeral, such as funeral receptions.

We create the perfect environment needed for cherishing the deceased’s memories, sharing your heart out about them, and just talking about them to honour theirlife.

Funeral Service Package
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殡仪服务配套 / 圆满契约
Nirvana Funeral Service Packages (FSP)

Buddhism / Taoism

殡仪服务配套 / 圆满契约
Nirvana Funeral Service Packages (FSP)

Christian / Catholic / SGM
殡仪服务配套 / 圆满契约对比
Nirvana Funeral Service Packages (FSP) Comparison
24/7 Dedicated & Professional Nirvana Funeral Service

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Our Facilities
Complete facilities to Our Customer
提供设备完善 一应俱全

24/7 Dedicated & Professional Nirvana Funeral Service


Our Services
White Ladies 白衣天使
A service respect for Women 专业女性最后的尊重

The White Ladies area team of professionally trained female embalmers and beautician dedicated to rendering their immaculate services with a genuine heart for deceased female body. This will leave a comforting imprint on the spouse, parents and children who would feel more at ease with this service respect for their departed loved ones. 专业的白衣天使将全程处理女性遗体,从防腐,净身,化妆和入殓的工作,给予女性逝者至高无上的尊重,让她们漂亮上路,留下永恒的美丽,为人生谢幕画下美丽的句点。 

*Within 35km from HQ only
**Outstation charge: RM500


What is pre-planning? 什么是事前规划?

By planning the funeral in advance, everything can be done properly when things happen. This will alleviate the sadness and pressure that the family experienced at that time. Your family don’t have to worry about any critical decisions they have to deal with.


10 Great Benefits Of Pre-planning  事前規劃的10大好處

*Be in-control of what is needed, sit-down and discuss among self, avoid any unnecessary conflicts and hard feeling.
*Face the situation in a calm-manner to ensure a proper and complete send-off. Conclude and decide the matter in case the other children weren’t around or back in time.
*With a proper arrangement planned ahead, and requirement are drawn, one can avoid any misjudgement which lead to wrong decision making, resulting undesired outcome.
*Eternal love, and continuation of filial-piety is preserved. Avoid the confused and upset mind-set.
*Early purchases, secure the price while it’s low, avoid inflation and price hike in the later years.
*Early investment and purchase assures one a total peace of mind, avoiding one from scam of lies and cheaters in purchasing in as-need cases.
*With low-down payment and 0% interest-free-instalment, avoid financial difficulties in paying upfront a huge lump sum which add-on the financial burden.
*A well-established brand, Nirvana Asia, with a team of professional service providers, with no hidden-charges that shocks you at the end of day.
*On-going promotions and professional consultancy services for your needs, there is no need to worry of going out to look for your desired ‘home’ with price trans


Why must do pre-planning? 为什么要做事前规划?

We all know the importance of being prepared for the rain.

  • In order to fight the sudden onset of the disease, we are ready for medical insurance.
  • In order to have enough pension in the future, we are ready to the saving plan.
  • In order to avoid any disputes in the future, we made a will.
  • It allows you to decide on your desired service, based on your own preferred rites and rituals.

What about the last party of our life? 


  • 为了对抗疾病突然来袭,我们准备好了医药保险。
  • 为了以后有足够的退休金,我们准备好储蓄计划。
  • 为了避免以后有任何纷争,我们做好了遗嘱。


Benefits of Pre-planning 事前规划的好处

  • Special price for pre-planning
  • 0% interest installment payment
  • Reduce disputes with relatives (including religious rituals, spiritual choices, funding, etc.)
  • Leave love to next generation, but not debts
  • Reduce the burden on children
  • Prevent future inflation
  • You can choose your favorite ritual or service according to your wishes
  • 事前规划有特惠价
  • 0%利息分期付款
  • 减少与亲人纷争(包括宗教仪式,灵位选择,经费等等)
  • 留给下一代是爱,而不是债
  • 减少孩子的负担
  • 抗通货膨胀
  • 可以根据自己的意愿,选择自己喜欢的仪式或服务

Free pre-planning and service consult. Book a date for meetup discuss.


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